We turn data into a competitive advantage.

Analytics Intelligence within your reach.

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We provide solutions based on your company goals, whatever they are. No generalization, we personalize our solutions according to your needs!

Business Analytics

A deep study is made about your company. We find out patterns you can't even imagine. Everything thinking about in how to improve your company flow!

Marketing Analytics

Do you know the real behaving of your customers? We help you to do it. We segment, predict and deliver the best strategy to retain your customers and grab a lot of new others.

Financial Analytics

Have you ever thought in having the totally knowledge how your company's finaacial works? Well, with Raise Up this is more than possible. We draw plans for your business to grow truly.

Artificial Inteliggence

With A.I's helps, we can presents results much more assertive. Have you considered standing out from competing companies using the most hot technology of the moment?

Focus on Results

Our only purpose is see you reaching your goals.

Awesome Support

We don't like the word 'customers', we prever call as a partner.Because of that, when we realize a project for you, we treat your company as it was ours.

how we work

Our work cycle based in collect all your data, and transform it in util information.

Tell us your goals

We raise the requirement and scope needed to start the project.

We analyze your data

A deep and detailed study of all data is made.

We deliver a high quality solution

After all the analysis, you know exactly how your business works.

Raise Up your business now!

It is more than proven, companies that have a data-driven culture reach good results much faster than those who don't. Which side are you?

Our plans

Quality solutions with an acessible price? We have it. No more, no less, the right price for you and your business.

Data Analytics

Data Smart

Do you want realize analytics projects in Marketing, RH, Financials, Social Networks, among others?

Or want to understand how your business is going? Predict the revenue to the next years, segment your customers, solve problems and start to profiting like never?

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100% interactive

For you grab an information, is it necessary 2, 3 or even more reports? And the worst, in boring Excel's table?

With ours Dashboards totally dynamics and up to date, you can find out this information with only one click.

No more bureaucracy and manual processes. We are the change that you have been waiting for!



Artificial Intelligence

The most complete work. Including the previously analysis of your company's data.

There are developed powerful and consistent A.I models, assisting in a more concise and assertive way the decision making of a company.

We are flexible to ANY business model.


A young and modern company who believes that Artificial Intelligence & Data Science can change organizations and people.

  • We really care about your company.
  • Your sucess is our sucess, and we want to reach it.
  • And the best of it, is that it isn't sensacionalism.
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We thrive when we create innovative ideas, but we also know that a smart concept must be supported with measurable results.

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